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The 7 wonders of the World

The 7 wonders of the World

"Since Philon of Byzantium named the original Seven Wonders of the World in 200 B.C., the Western world has relegated them to an awed mental pedestal and then promptly forgot what was on the list.

In those centuries, six vanished.Still with us are the Pyramids at Giza

Earthquakes leveled the Lighthouse of Alexandria. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may never have existed. Crusading Maltese knights purloined blocks from the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus to build a fortress.

Other Wonders met more elaborate fates. The Colossus of Rhodes was felled by earthquake, left prone by oracle's decree and hauled off on mules by invading Arab merchants. A disaffected Ephesian burned the Temple of Artemis, after which it was razed by Goths.

Caligula tried to appropriate The Statue of Zeus, and broke it. A Roman successor closed its temple, which later suffered earthquakes, landslides and fire."

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